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ACLU Sued By Black Worker For The Second Time In One Year


Among the organizations least likely to face employment discrimination lawsuits should be the ACLU, which routinely holds U.S. corporations and the U.S. government accountable for discriminatory practices and civil rights abuses. Nonetheless, two former Black employees have filed discrimination lawsuits for raising concerns about the ACLU’s policy. They both said that they faced retaliation for bringing these issues to the forefront.

While there were numerous problems raised by the Black staffers, they were particularly concerned with the lack of Black leadership within the organization. One Black staffer said she was labeled “an angry Black woman” after raising concerns. She believes that she was mischaracterized and only hoped to help the ACLU better fulfill its mission. She filed suit because she believed it was important for the public to know how the ACLU really operated. In her lawsuit, she says that the ACLU perpetuated flagrantly racist policies while holding others accountable for the same.

The ACLU reported that it will conduct an internal investigation to address systemic racism within its organization as it advances its Systemic Equality agenda.

The case against the ACLU 

Black staffers at the ACLU should be free to raise concerns about the organizational structure of the department without fear of retaliation. For the ACLU, a bastion of civil rights, to violate the fundamental tenets of its mission is a cause for major concern. The Black employees have the right to this. They feel as though they were mischaracterized as overly aggressive and forced into the position of defending themselves after reporting the issues to their superiors. On some basic level, they made this lawsuit inevitable by mistreating Black employees consistently.

Now, they’re facing a lawsuit that not only undermines their mission statement but casts their efforts to change the system in a hypocritical light. While they were devising ways to create Systemic Equity, they were denying systemic equity to their own employees. Instead of addressing their concerns, they accused them of being disproportionately emotional and suggested that their behavior was unwarranted.

The lawsuit 

The lawsuit will allege racial discrimination and retaliation. The Black employees will say that they were mischaracterized, attacked, and eventually dismissed for raising issues with their superiors. The fact that there are two former employees engaged in lawsuits means that the ACLU will not be able to claim a personality conflict was responsible for the discord. The ACLU will lose credibility. Those with supervisory roles in affecting the discrimination could lose their positions. And all of this could have been avoided if the ACLU had managed the situation by listening to the employees as opposed to stonewalling them.

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