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Jacksonville Bankruptcy Lawyer > Blog > Sexual Harassment > Two Men File Sexual Harassment Claim Against Rep. Fabian Basabe

Two Men File Sexual Harassment Claim Against Rep. Fabian Basabe


A former intern and legislative aide allege that they were sexually harassed by Florida representative Fabian Basabe, according to a recent news article. The pair have formally asked the EEOC to investigate allegations that Basabe made repeated lewd comments and unwanted sexual advancements. The  Representative has called the allegations “ridiculous”.

The EEOC will review the allegations made by the two men who are 24, and 25 years of age. After the review is conducted, the EEOC will conduct its  investigation  of both the Charging Party and the Respondent/Employer to determine whether the EEOC deems the complaint actionable.

Allegations against Basabe 

One man alleges that while attending a career day at an elementary school, Basabe said, “I want all of that butt” and smacked him on the rear end. The other man said that Basabe told him he was “required to flirt” with him whenever he was at the Capitol. He also claims that Basabe told him to break off his relationship with his girlfriend and explore sex with men. Both men claim that Basabe would routinely carry on graphic conversations about sex and at one point, showed them a picture of a naked man he kept on his phone.

Allegations made by Basabe 

Basabe has gone on the offensive against at least one of his accusers. He has called them unkind names and insinuated that he and his mother have a history of suing anyone with money. He firmly denies all of the allegations that have been made against him. When asked to provide details concerning allegations that the mother and son have a history of filing lawsuits, Basabe was unable to provide any details on that particular accusation.

Sexual harassment lawsuits 

Since these comments were made in the context of an employment situation, the claims are actionable. The EEOC will investigate the claims made by the two men and determine whether or not there is enough evidence against Basabe to pursue the claims themselves. They may also allow the two men to pursue private claims with their own counsel against the representative.

If the allegations prove true, then the state representative may be sanctioned as Florida has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment within the context of the House of Representatives and Senate. The two men may also be able to recover money damages from the representative if they  prevail at mediation or win at trial. Basabe seems poised to fight the allegations to the extent that he can. The two men will need to provide evidence supporting their claims against Basabe. As of now, we only have allegations.

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